FREE Repair of 2014 Flow Flite-series*
Snowboard Bindings

Flow has discovered that the Pin and O-clip used to secure the rear Snaplock Lever to the
Hiback of all 2014 Flow Flite-series snowboard bindings requires replacement on both left and right
foot bindings to prevent a possible injury. This is due to an issue regarding a manufacturing
assembly deficiency on a small percentage of 2014 Flite-series bindings.

* The ONLY bindings affected are 2014 Flow Flite-series of the models Flite, Flite LTD, Flite MTN,
Haylo and Micron Youth. The bindings affected by this issue can be identified by the shape of the
rear Snaplock Lever and the Cable Adjustment Dial on the side of the Baseplate (as shown in the
photos above), and the matte texture effect on Baseplate and Hiback with glossy Flow word-mark
and logo. No other Flow bindings are affected by this issue.

If your 2014 Flite-series bindings have a round Green ID-sticker on the bottom of the bindings, this
identifies that Flow or your retailer has already repaired them. In this case, no action is required.

Flite Black

Flite Stormtrooper

Flite MTN Black

Flite LTD Stormtrooper

Haylo Black

Haylo Blackneon

Micron Youth


If you own any 2014 Flow Flite-series bindings STOP USING them immediately
and follow one of the below actions!

Call Our Toll-Free
1-844-305-0564 Hotline

1. For help and information
2. File repair request
3. Receive RA# and call-tag
4. Send bindings to Flow
5. Flow repairs bindings
6. Flow sends bindings back

(for USA and Canada only, all shipping and repairs free of charge)
Submit Repair
Request Online

1. File online repair request
2. Receive RA# and call-tag
3. Send bindings to Flow
4. Flow repairs bindings
5. Flow sends bindings back

(for USA and Canada only, all shipping and repairs free of charge)
Find Local Retailer
Outside USA & Canada

1. Click to find your regional Flow Distributor
2. Contact them for repair or nearby retailer location

Flow apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this action, but we want you to know
that product quality, and your safety and satisfaction, are taken very seriously.

If you have any questions, call Flow toll-free 1-844-305-0564